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The Communications Council amalgamates ad bodies


The Communications Council amalgamates ad bodies


Members of the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD), Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA) and Account Planning Group have voted to form and amalgamate into The Communications Council.

The Communications Council will begin operations on News Year’s Day, 2010. The group’s tagline will be ‘Commercial creativity and connection’. Plans for the council were announced several weeks ago.

Speaking for the AFA, chairman Belinda Rowe said:

“The AFA membership’s vote in favour of the creation of The Communications Council is the culmination of several months of productive discussions about forming a new broad-based industry organisation… The Communications Council will offer a more influential, unified and stronger voice on issues affecting our industry and our members’ interests.”

The AFA voted unanimously in the vote.

AWARD chairman Richard Maddocks echoed the sentiment:

“We’re delighted that our members have so strongly endorsed this move and recognised the importance of creating this new body… The combined strength of AWARD, AFA and the APG makes this an exciting time for us going forward.”

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