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The cost of being the boss


The cost of being the boss


No new news on the News of the World disaster here. Just questions. If this scandal erupted twenty years ago, would the paper have closed? Is print dying? We certainly hope not, subscriptions of Marketing mag are available here.

One talking point to come out of this shocker is the heavy dislike a few of the NOTW staff apparently feel for their former editor, Rebekah Brooks. It seems to go beyond just anger at losing their jobs on her watch. Reported widely today, the final edition of the paper featured a crossword with a few parting jibes fired at Brooks. It was a clever and sneaky inclusion by the staff, with Brooks reportedly getting two senior journalists to proof the final edition just to make sure there were no ill words spoken of her.

Some slightly unusual words slipped in the crosswords' hints and answers in the crossword include "deplored", "stench", "stir", "menace", "desist", "racket", "tart" and “criminal enterprise”.

Another clue was "woman stares wildly at calamity", probably referring to the photograph of Brooks being driven away from the News International HQ last week after hearing the closure news. The answer to the clue was "disaster".

Marketing mag spoke with Gino de Pasquale, new blogger with this website, and operator of The Authentic Executive consultancy, about what makes a great leader and what Brooks was lacking.

"A great, authentic leader acts out of integrity and goodwill,” says de Pasquale. “It’s someone who can inspire their troops by being honest about what they don’t know, as much as what they do know. They are open and transparent, not guarded, unhanded, or hard to pin down.

"It’s someone who is willing to impart guidance and inspiration on a daily basis, someone who has high moral grounds, and exemplifies confidence."

Brooks lacks just about everything, it seems.

“Rebekah Brooks was not a great leader,” he says. “From all reports, she is a long way away from being Authentic. She built a company based on values that, quite obviously, didn’t resonate with her team. She was the wrong captain ­– pure and simple.”

It seems strange, then, that Murdoch has called Brooks his number one priority, and is looking to keep her on. The phone tapping scandal has been a PR fiasco for Brooks personally, even if she wasn’t as involved as the accusations suggest, she may have become a victim of the headline chasing, scape-goat slagging, tabloid machine she helped create. But maybe NOTW staff should look on the bright side and will look for something more out of a job in the future.

“In today’s world,” de Pasquale continues. “I think people want to work for a cause to believe in, to be part of something that is adding value to the world, and doing some good. You want to go to work and really respect what you do, and who you do it for. “It’s a sad tale for all those who have now lost their jobs,” de Pasquale says.” But none-the-less, a great lesson in what they don’t want from their next employer of choice."

Here’s a trailer for a movie that the payback crossword made me think of. If you can relate… maybe change jobs now.  

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