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The Eye foundation runs EYE campaign


The Eye foundation runs EYE campaign


Ogilvy Sydney has launched a new OOH campaign for The Eye Foundation.

Ogilvy Sydney’s CEO Stuart O’Brien said that the campaign’s approach to disrupting existing media was a novel way to attract attention and generate cut-through in the highly competitive not-for-profit sector.

“We wanted to develop a campaign that would grab the attention of viewers, and give them a tangible reminder of the consequences of vision loss. We’re proud that we’ve been able to work with an outstanding organisation like the Eye Foundation to help develop such an important campaign,” said O’Brien.

Initially rolling out mid-June on National Geographic Channel, the on-air campaign will feature black spots over one of the channel’s promotional spots. The black spots will also run over selected movie network channels in July. Negotiations are in place to incorporate the spots on print, outdoor, buses, window display and digital display platforms.

By placing black spots on existing television, print and outdoor advertisements across the country from mid-June, the campaign hopes to allow consumers to experience a simulated view of degenerative eye conditions.

Jacinta Spurrett, CEO of The Eye Foundation commented about the campaign:

“We needed a campaign that would help people understand the devastating effects of eye disease. Vision loss can affect people at any time in their lives and it often happens gradually, so by the time it becomes noticeable, the damage is done. Our goal is to encourage all Australians – no matter their age – to get their eyes tested this July.”

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