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The Newspaper Works proves print works


The Newspaper Works proves print works


Australian newspaper industry body, The Newspaper Works, has initiated an open tender process for measurement of newspaper readership. The move aims to provide advertisers and publishers with the best metric for Australia’s biggest advertising medium.

The Newspaper Works (TNW) CEO, Tony Hale, explained, “The global media landscape is rapidly changing and it is of vital importance to the newspaper industry to be able to access the best possible measurement information to keep pace with the changes in consumer behavior and gain a deeper understanding of how consumers interact with the medium.”

TNW looked at international best practice and consulted major publishers and ad industry bodies in deciding to conduct the review. Its aim is to develop a world standard measurement system providing in-depth audience data to explain more sophisticated consumers and a treacherous media landscape.

The tender has strong support from members of TNW: News Limited, Fairfax Media, APN News & Media and West Australian Newspapers.

“Our $4 billion industry commands the biggest share of advertising expenditure and we want to ensure that advertisers and media buyers are equipped with the best available measurement system so that we can continue to provide accurate and relevant insights into the strength and power of newspapers,” Hale said,

Working collaboratively, TNW has invited industry stakeholders into the process. Those involved are the Media Federation of Australia, Australian Association of National Advertisers and the Advertising Federation of Australia.

Endorsing the decision, MFA Chairman, Gary Hardwick said, “The Media Federation applauds the decision to hold an open tender process for newspaper readership measurement in this country. The open tender process will address the areas we have raised with The Newspaper Works and factor in these areas to provide a readership measurement system that can compete with the best practice systems established elsewhere.”

Although the tender’s details have not yet been revealed, it is expected the tender will request measurement of newspaper audiences across multiple channels: print, mobile and web.

Domestic and international expressions of interest will be sought shortly.

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