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Tic Tac leads the way in digital FMCG branding


Tic Tac leads the way in digital FMCG branding


Tic Tac is embracing the digital environment by launching a Facebook and iPhone application to engage online with their consumers and introduce two new products to the Tic Tac range.

In new territory for an FMCG brand – Tic Tac’s new digital strategy includes the launching of applications for iPhone and Facebook, along with an interactive website. These new features will facilitate customer-brand interaction, reinvigorating the brand.

The digital presence provides Tic Tac, part of the Ferrero Group, with an opportunity to build and
enhance relationships both with the target audience and current
customers, simultaneously increasing brand awareness. The iPhone application has received almost 3,000
downloads from iTunes in its first weekend. Tic Tac will also introduce
two new products to the Tic Tac range – the limited edition Bold! and
a bigger 24g pack across all retail outlets, available in two flavours: Apple Sour and Mint. The extensions will be targeted at a younger
demographic.  The bigger
24g packaging is replacing its 18g counterpart in all the traditional
flavours, meaning that consumers will see a 33% increase in mints.

“In an age when consumers continue to embrace social media, a digital presence for brands is increasingly important. The launch of the Tic Tac brand in the digital space allows us to communicate in a relevant way with our target audience. Our strategy encourages consumers to interact with and share the playful Tic Tac experience,” said Vanessa Vannini, Tic Tac brand manager.

Marketingmag.com.au posed a few questions to Vannini:

How important do you think it is for FMCG brands to lead the way in digital branding?

We know the word is changing. If Facebook was a country, it would be the 10th largest in the world and there are over five million active users in Australia. Consumers are still watching TV, but they are spending more time online everyday. The average Australian spends 25% of their media consumption time on the internet. For FMCG brands it’s important to be where our consumers live. Consumers talk about the brands they use and with Tic Tac digital strategy we want to encourage our consumers to interact and share the playful Tic Tac experience with peers and friends.

Did you look to local or overseas markets when strategising the campaign?

No, we developed this locally. Being part of the Tic Tac target market (from 20 to 29 years old), I know how much time I spend on the internet.

How effective do you think social media is in launching line extensions?

Social media is fundamental. As I said, consumers talk about their brand – we need to embrace the dialogue.

Was there an agency behind the campaign?

We developed the campaign with a couple of agencies: Webling Interactive – a small agency who developed the technology for the iPhone and the incoming Facebook application, which will be available soon, and 30Thirty who developed Tic Tac website.

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