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Top10 ads that make absolutely no sense


Top10 ads that make absolutely no sense


While many an advertisement can infuriate, and even stun the hippocampus, many work a treat, are cleverly executed and aesthetically striking. Then there are those little nuggets that no matter how many times you watch them, clearly make less and less sense upon every viewing, leaving you with one thought in your mind: ‘huh?’

Brace yourself.

10. Kellogg’s Australia: Coco Pops

“We set the scene at sunrise on a beautiful morning with warm light streaming in through the windows and light rays in the air,” says FSM creative director, Andreas Wanda.


9. Libra Invisibles: Wonder Guy Man

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for senselessness.


8. Coles: No Added Hormones (Normie Rowe)

Ted Horton’s Big Red agency was on the receiving end of a walloping of scorn for this deranged acting ‘performance’ from the Aussie musical icon, that reportedly sent Chopper Read into a ‘homicidal rage’.

7. Nando’s Australia: Eat Interesting

From the press release: “Shot by Plaza Films’ Paul Middleditch, the commercials portray interesting conversations and situations that can happen when people take the time to stop and enjoy sharing a meal together.” Really though?


6. Compare the Market: Aleksandr

Nonsensical as the spots are, the four-year run has been one of the most successful ad campaigns in the UK with the site getting more than two million hits a year.


5. NRL: Season launch with Jessica Mauboy

“Jessica Mauboy is the hottest talent in Australian music and her version of Something’s Got A Hold On Me captures the essence of what the game brings those that come in contact with it…” says MJW managing director Paul McKay.


4. Big W: Everyone’s a Winner

“I know people think that living in LA is all champagne and Rodeo Drive but I have always shopped at stores like Big W to get great value.” – Eric Stonestreet, the new brand ambassador for Big W.


3. Libra Tampons: The Comparison

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne’s effort was shortlisted in 2007 for a Cannes Film Lions. Sure, but still…


2. Grand Cherokee: I Bought a Jeep



1. Souvlaki Hut: The Gorilla and Kouta





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