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TorchMedias Shopper Connect has direct advertisers in retail spin


TorchMedias Shopper Connect has direct advertisers in retail spin


TorchMedia has launched Shopper Connect, a new membership programme for direct advertisers. Shopper Connect offers discounted out-of-home retail media packages, exclusively to businesses who sign up for yearly membership. It also aims to educate direct advertisers about retail media and how it is best used for branding and for driving sales.

TorchMedia’s group sales director, Tim McDermott said Shopper Connect offers a significant discount to a number of businesses, giving them the same premium retail media opportunities that the major brands with bigger budgets have. The idea is to build long-term relationships with these advertisers and ensure that our media is available as a cost-effective way to target people who are in a spending mindset.

The programme is the brainchild of McDermott, who joined TorchMedia in February this year. Since his appointment, there has been an increased focus on direct advertisers.

TorchMedia has strong relationships with media agencies, however the benefits of retail media for direct advertisers are just as great. This is what we are trying to communicate through Shopper Connect.

For more information on the programme and how your business can start using out-of-home advertising in the retail space, head on over to www.shopperconnect.com.au.

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