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Tourism campaign lures Aussies with sounds of Canada via Spotify

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Tourism campaign lures Aussies with sounds of Canada via Spotify


Destination Canada has partnered with Spotify for a campaign that invites Australians to “discover Canada through sound and music”.

The choose-your-own sound adventure allows visitors to the Destination Canada website to “select their vibe” – they can either ‘Turn It Up’ or ‘Take A Breath’. 

Personalised playlists

The Turn It Up option leads to personalised playlists based on user answers to a quiz:

“Are you a chill pace or a driving beat?”

“Are you soaking in sunset or dancing till sunrise?”

Depending on what they click, users end up with a Spotify playlist featuring the sounds of Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto. Attractive assets and descriptions of the cities accompany the playlists on the website, including musical histories of the local areas. Cities are given memorable personalities like “The Trendsetter”, “The Bohemian” and “The Maverick”, offering niche insights into these destinations.

Immersive guided walks

For something more relaxing, users can opt to Take A Breath in the Canadian wilderness with guided walks and meditations.

Destination Canada has enlisted the likes of travel content creators like Jeanne Rondeau-Ducharme to take listeners on auditory journeys through serene countrysides, with backdrops of trickling streams and chirping birds.

A unique approach to tourism advertising

With this interactive campaign, Destination Canada has found a way to connect with potential visitors and educate them about the country on a more personal level than the usual tourism TVC can.

“People come to Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and this campaign showcases how digital audio can be leveraged by brands to effectively reach listeners in a creative way,” says Spotify’s regional head of ad sales, AUNZ, Adrian Bingham.  

“‘Discover Canada through Music and Sound’ is an inspiring call to action and a strong example of the innovative ways that Spotify can help brands drive impact.”

The campaign was also an opportunity for the partners to collect listener data.

Users who opt to log in to their Spotify accounts to view playlists agree to share their account data with Spotify and Destination Canada. This includes giving access to their top artists and content and allowing the partners to take actions like uploading images to personalise their profile or playlist cover, and create, edit and follow playlists.

“We look forward to delving into the data and taking our learnings to develop the campaign further,” says Destination Canada CMO Gloria Loree.


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