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Twintern sought by Pizza Hut


Twintern sought by Pizza Hut


One lucky US college student could spend their summer as a member of the Pizza Hut PR team in charge of tweeting about new developments at the restaurant chain.

The company is advertising for students to apply for the 10-12 week long paid ‘twinternship’, based in its headquarters in Dallas, although the job ad does not reveal the salary.

According to the company’s site, the position will include sharing insights and experiences via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, attending marketing meetings, ad shoots and other events, monitoring social media for happenings that may be of interest to loyal Pizza Hut fan, working on PR programs.

Applicants are expected to prove that they have knowledge of social media and, if shortlisted, will be required to submit a portfolio of social media know-how.

Brands are eagerly strategising how they can exploit the social networking channel, though it does come with some potential dangers.

Last month rumours spread that Amazon had adopted an anti-gay policy by removing thousands of books from its main search and best-seller rankings.

The online bookseller assured the public that there was no such policy and that the problem had been caused by a classification error, but not before hundreds of thousands of mentions of the term ‘amazonfail’ had spread across the web.

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