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Twitter pays over Facebook says survey


Twitter pays over Facebook says survey


A survey in the US found that although 200 “founders, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and members of the Twitterati” would be most willing to pay for Facebook, they would actually recommend another business to pay for Twitter.

The survey, taken at New York’s Social Media Week 2009 and conducted by Abrams Research, discovered that 32.2% of respondents said that they would be most likely to pay for Facebook, with LinkedIn a close second at 29.7%, and Twitter in third place at 21.8%.

But Twitter beat Facebook by more than two to one when asked which they would recommend another business to pay for.

Twitter scored 39.6% of votes, while only 15.3% answered in favour of Facebook. Participants cited Twitter as a quick and efficient way for companies to spread their marketing efforts.

This follows last week’s reports that Twitter had considered charging brands for using the microblogging site.

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