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New Sony Bravia TVC gets Kaka on zoetrope


New Sony Bravia TVC gets Kaka on zoetrope


Behold, a 19th century idea adapted for modern marketing campaigns: the zoetrope.

FIFA World Player of the Year, Kaká, has lent his skills off the field as the star of Sony’s Motionflow 200Hz campaign that uses the unusual, Dr Who-looking technology.

The campaign features Kaká performing signature moves inside the zoetrope, a 19th century device used to create short ‘films’ from a series of static images – which itself earned a Guinness World Record for world’s largest.

‘BRAVIA-drome’ is the latest TVC to follow the ‘Colour’ trilogy created by Sony, inspired by a zoetrope.

“The full effect of Motionflow 200Hz is best demonstrated using fast motion, which is why Sony’s BRAVIA 2009 campaign utilises the fast-paced action of the world’s most popular game, football,” says Toby Barbour, head of strategy and brand development for Sony Australia.

According to Sony, the BRAVIA-drome has an optimum speed of the BRAVIA-drome is 44km/h, can reach speeds of over 50km/h and is transported by two 40ft trucks – not exactly the most practical of out of home installations.

The construction’s final measurements were officially recorded as a circumference of 31.41 metres, equivalent to a diameter of exactly 9.998 metres.

Australia will be the first country in the world to screen the ad this weekend.

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