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Village Cinemas features real people in campaign to launch new brand platform


Village Cinemas features real people in campaign to launch new brand platform


Village Cinemas is featuring real people in a spot that launches a new platform for the brand.

Village Cinemas is showcasing a new brand platform ‘Where movies mean more’ with a launch spot that stars real Village Cinemas customers, a move intended to remind the market of the special moments made possible by cinema. Cherished moments like a child’s first movie, a tentative first date, and a girls’ night out aim to illustrate the special experiences cinema can provide.

The branding project aims to help people understand and communicate what’s still special about going to the movies. As well as the communications campaign, it also helps confirm the portfolio of sub-brands under the Village umbrella, including Gold Class, Vmax, VPremium (a “premium economy” offering with smaller cinemas and alcohol) and Vjunior (a cinema designed by kids for kids).




“The cinema landscape has evolved tremendously in Australia over the last few years,” says Mohit Bhargava, GM of sales and marketing at Village Cinemas Australia, says. “While the category continues to be Australia’s most popular form of ticketed entertainment, Village remains focused to disrupt, learn, and continue to create new ways to make the cinema and entertainment experience more meaningful, and for more people.”

The new tagline, ‘Where movies mean more’, was developed for internal audiences too. The company says that the clarity of purpose the new brand provides has also helped it create more meaning across the business and informs a clearer path forward for initiatives such as Unscene films, a competition that supports young filmmakers, and Puppy Love, a program that supports Guide Dogs Australia.

Launch spot:


Village Cinema’s is also using technology to elevate the customer experience, such as in-seat food and beverage ordering apps and a new rewards program that offers guests greater choice of rewards.

The updated loyalty program, announced recently and called Vrewards, was built with Movio, a international firm specialising in marketing data analytics and campaign management software for cinema exhibitors, film distributors and studios.

The new iteration of Vrewards gives members the opportunity to earn point-based rewards on dollars spent at Village Cinemas’ Ticket Box, Candy Bar and Gold Class. Previously, benefits could only be collected by purchasing tickets, with members rewarded with discounted or free tickets after accumulating visits. Now members will be rewarded with 10 points for each dollar spent and points can be redeemed wherever guests see the most value, whether it be at the candy bar, ticket box, or upgrading to a Gold Class session. The cheapest reward is a free small popcorn at 500 points.

Bhargava says Village surveyed and held feedback sessions with more than 15,000 customers. “It became clear to us that an effective reward program ought to offer more choice, control and flexibility in what you value,” he says. “We are constantly looking for innovative concepts to reward our members.”



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