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WACA events protected from aerial ad ambush


WACA events protected from aerial ad ambush


An Australia versus Pakistan cricket match in WA will be the first to be protected from unauthorised aerial advertising, says the state’s sports minister, Terry Waldron.

The WA Government introduced legislation in early 2010 that provides protection for event organisers and sponsors from ‘sky-writing or the use of banners or advertising attached to aircraft such as blimps, hang gliders and hot-air balloons’, and securing their rights and privileges to that event.

“Ambush aerial marketing is grossly unfair, allowing companies to exploit high-profile advertising opportunities for which legitimate sponsors have paid significant dollars,” said Waldon.

“This legislation will ensure that the rights of sponsors of a major event will be protected at law and provide a further incentive to a sponsor to invest in major events in this State.”

The Act was introduced in response to incidents where events at the Western Australian Cricket Ground were used as advertising opportunities by companies without contracts.

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