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10 tips for telling great brand stories with online video

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10 tips for telling great brand stories with online video


Daniel Littlepage offers 10 ideas for creating the most engaging, memorable YouTube content.

Once considered a mere repository for the world’s cat videos and beauty tips, YouTube’s modern incarnation has become an ideal platform for business promotion. Sharing videos increases your brand’s footprint, connects you with consumers and drives web traffic.

Of course, creating sustained engagement requires careful planning. In addition to avoiding negative publicity, you have to choose an approach that improves your marketing ROI. Try some of the following concept ideas and YouTube video samples for inspiration.

1. Share your origins

People love a riveting story. Whether you’re describing how you transitioned from a small startup to a global enterprise, letting people peek behind the scenes at your launch party or revealing the inspirations that motivated you to create a product, audiences find it fascinating to come along for the ride with you.

Why are origin stories so effective? In short, authentic videos grant your brand credibility and humanise your business. By letting viewers form personal connections with your story instead of simply marketing to them, you naturally gain their trust. They also become more emotionally invested in your business when they can watch you triumph through epic ups and downs. Even small businesses or startups have big stories to tell.

2. Promote events

People rely on videos for quick information about real-world affairs, so capitalise on the trend. Creating a spot about what goes down at your worldwide meet-ups, for instance, could drive attendance and get participants excited about what’s in the pipeline. If you’re taking part in an event, revealing the details in a short YouTube video furthers the cause and educates people.

Event videos also foster consumer familiarity. When you’re approaching a product release, for instance, showing how it works may make people crave it more because they feel like you treated them to an exclusive preview.

3. Share the results of your progress

Humility is a virtue, but when you do big things, there’s nothing wrong with letting the world know. The general public may be more interested in the accolades you’ve won for safety than they are in your recent HR awards, but it’s worth publicising both.

Remember, a solid video is infinitely more captivating than some dry press release or email announcement. Cool YouTube videos showcasing your company highlights create significant word of mouth by bringing people behind the scenes at competitions and depicting your struggle to victory. This could foster more widespread recognition within your industry or among potential business partners.

4. Reveal juicy opinions, studies and testimonials

Reading a product review is one thing, but the best YouTube videos succeed at marketing because they actually show someone discussing the item in question. Sharing expert opinions, case study results and interviews with well-known figures can lend your business vital legitimacy.

5. Illustrate a point

Sharing data that proves your corporate worth or efficacy can win people over. Unfortunately, the web is already packed with information, so it’s easy for your message to get lost. Business YouTube videos that straddle the line between instructiveness and memorability employ animation and other visual language to make the most efficient use of limited time without overwhelming viewers.

You can rely solely on animation, whiteboard youtube videos to get a message across concisely or mix imagery with appropriate footage to put your products and ideas in real-world context.

6. Offer useful how-to knowledge

With so much junk on the internet, people crave information that actually helps them. How-to videos provide instant entertainment and practical value, even if they’re not associated with a specific product.

Their tendency to be shared also widens your trustworthy reputation. Demos that explain how to use products can also accentuate the usefulness of cool features.

7. Make someone laugh

Entertaining videos are highly effective branding tools because audiences spread them without prompting. Of course, comedy is subjective, but producing YouTube videos that focus on humour generally piques consumer interest.

Funny behind-the-scenes videos go a long way towards making your company seem like a collection of actual humans and not dispassionate corporate robots.

8. Present your innovations

Cool YouTube videos make a lot of headway by revealing or explaining neat technology. Your field may not be rocket science, but showing what makes your cutting-edge tech noteworthy is a sure to earn you die-hard fans.

9. Solve a problem with advice

The internet’s massive success is largely due to its ability to help people answer their burning questions. Why shouldn’t they view your brand as a reputable authority? Fulfilling a knowledge deficit by explaining complex concepts or clarifying industry jargon makes people more inclined to use you as a source of subsequent information.

10. Promote

Finally, never discount the value of simply explaining your products, services and company as a whole. Highlighting key selling points, product capabilities and the unique vision behind them is a well-established means of communicating to customers what they stand to gain from purchasing, engaging or staying brand loyal.


Daniel Littlepage is managing director Australia at 90 Seconds.


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