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Case study: how to genuinely engage followers with multichannel competitions

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Case study: how to genuinely engage followers with multichannel competitions


Running competitions on social media is known to be a fast way to generate a large audience; craft brewers Colonial Brewing built an original and highly shareable campaign that engaged followers in a genuine way. The #ripthelidoff competition made the brand stand out in its quest to take the coveted spot as the top beer to drink this summer.


To create a campaign that directly communicated with its followers. Here, Colonial Brewing Co used unofficial brand ambassador Danny Taylor and his mates who created a hilarious series of videos ripping the unique 360 degree lids off the brewery’s beer cans. Fans that entered would have the chance to win one of five ‘A Year of Beer’ prizes. Success would be measured by social media results, fan interaction and number of entries.

Campaign steps are briefed below:

  • Users to film their own submission
  • users to share to story the more creative the better
  • users to tag CBco.
    ○ #ripthelidoff
    ○ @cbco_
  • CBco. to reshare all submissions (and subsequently save)
  • at the end of the campaign period, CBco. to choose top five submissions, and
  • video created and shared of five winning submissions tagging the winners.


  • A multichannel campaign that aimed to drive awareness and product consideration by infiltrating social media, earned media and other online platforms, including a landing page on the CBCo website developed featuring the ‘rip the lid off’ branding, the launch video and instructions on how people can get involved.
  • Targeting Gen Z and younger Millennials, our aim was to create a campaign that would place CBco. at the top of the summer ‘drinking’ brands within this audience.


Timeline and scheduling.

  • December: A paid/promoted launch video on owned channels, featuring Danny Taylor and his crew’s exploits, edited into a 45-60 second video encouraging followers to submit their own #ripthelidoff moment
    ○ Tw0 videos: one main and one social/youtube cutdown
  • January and February: Secondary videos released weekly
    ○ brand champions David Zaharakis and Chris Goulding
  • ongoing: Boosted Facebook content by Merge digital
  • ongoing: CBco. to commence sharing all submissions as Instastories to maintain momentum online:
    ○ Saved as highlights on CBco. Instagram page to showcase all entries ongoing, and
  • March: Announcing winners.


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Shout out to @_adriaaan and his crew for kickstarting this thing and continually bringing the vibes! Legends.

A post shared by Colonial Brewing Co (@cbco_) on


  • The campaign led to a whopping 2,318,213 impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • a total of 1,158,138 video views were recorded across the digital channels
  • the website landing page received 8,994 page views from 7,806 users throughout the campaign period
  • social media was the biggest source of traffic, however we noticed a large amount of organic traffic (2,672 users), which indicates people were motivated to find more information about the campaign
  • the average cost per 15 second thru play was $0.02, which is an incredible result overall
  • males were most likely to engage with the campaign and made up 79 percent of the total engagement
  • Victoria generated 32 percent of the total engagement, followed by WA with 29 percent of the total engagement
  • the data shows NSW was highly engaged with 24 percent of the total engagement coming from this region – this is significant considering the budget for NSW was $2,000 lower than VIC and WA
  • QLD had the highest view rate of 61 percent which demonstrates an opportunity for growth in this region
  • Google’s view rate was 18.34 percent, while the average view rate from Facebook/Instagram finished up at 54 percent which is well above the industry average of 15 percent, and
  • the 15 second clip received a higher quality rating than the longer video across all target locations. This is something to keep in mind for any future campaigns.

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