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Joseph Jaffe, Part VI – some riffs on brand arrogance, digital storytelling and the future of marketing and advertising

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Joseph Jaffe, Part VI – some riffs on brand arrogance, digital storytelling and the future of marketing and advertising


This post is the sixth in a series of six that feature an exclusive
video interview with international speaker and author Joseph Jaffe.
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  6. Part VI – some riffs on brand arrogance, digital storytelling and the future of marketing and advertising.

You asked the questions, and he answered them.

In this final installment of our six part series of video interviews with Joseph Jaffe, Ive collected together the cutting room floor conversations we had and put them in two slightly longer videos.

So tell your boss that youve got a 15 minute call to make, block out that time, plug in your headphones and listen to Joseph and I discuss:

  • the arrogance of many brands who imagine that just because theyve had a business for a few years, they will have one for many more to come;
  • some of the storytelling techniques – both old and new – needed for compelling creative executions in the digital space;
  • how marketers will have to evolve as a species to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment;
  • cause marketing, purpose-based marketing, and recognising how marketers and marketing can actually make a difference in the world;
  • customer service as an increasingly vital role in organisations;
  • and much, much more!

If youve been with us throughout this series youll be prepared for some slightly bizarre lip-synching issues with this video. What can I say, except that Im willing to be out of synch to get inside the amazing brain of Joseph Jaffe, and I hope you guys are too!

If youve been lurking and listening over the series, or if this is your first time watching this series, why not jump into the comments and tell Joseph what you think. I know hes reading the site and Im sure hed love to get stuck into some debate on marketing with Australias best and brightest 🙂

I just want to say a massive thank you to Joseph and the Conscience Organisation (TCO) for coming along for the ride, and to thank the Australian marketing community – yes everyone, Im talking to YOU – for contributing questions and driving debate around some of Josephs ideas.

We met up with Joseph in Sydney last night for a drink with some of
Sydneys bloggerati. Stories were shared and there were videos being
taken. If there is anything without too many swear words, we might even
put it up here on marketingmag.com.au. Thanks to TCO
for sorting out Josephs whirlwind speaking tour that lasted from 19-21
August. If youre keen to discuss anything relating to Josephs visit,
please contact [email protected].

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