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Service allows ad retweets

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Service allows ad retweets


Marketers are about to be given the ability to have their ads retweeted, shared, digged or added to their Facebook page.

Federated Media has announced a deal with TweetMeme that will allow marketers to attach a retweet button to their ads, while Digg is planning to export those ads to other web properties in 2010 according to its chief revenue officer Chas Edwards.

AdMob, the mobile ad network acquired by Google, is in the process of adding hooks to video ads that would let users share an ad they like on Facebook or Twitter.

Adding to the influx of potential social media advertising revenue models, Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of TweetMeme indicated that advertising in this format will need to provide consumers with some social currency.

“Advertising in social media has to add value to the communication in some way,” said Halstead.

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