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Everyone knows the number one rule of social media engagement is to be honest, and everyone knows the number two rule is dont start something you cant finish (as in, dont start a celebrity Twitter account and write in it for two days and then not write anything in it again, because you end up looking like a dick).

In fact, the rules of social media engagement are so well-known these days that pretty much everyone can recite them by heart, even rule number 14a which is:

Dont try and talk like youre Gen Y because youre not, unless you are, and even then you shouldnt be twittering on behalf of the company yet because youre not responsible enough and if you get access to Twitter youll want access to Facebook as well and youll claim its for work but we know, and you know, and we know you know we know that youll end up spending most of your day updating your status, playing Mob Wars and LOLing with your BFFs.

Well to hell with that rule.

For the first time, ever*, thanks to the vivacious, spacious and audacious wit of LOL-linguist-intern-strategists, @anna_goddard and @AnnabelBrusasco, myself, a list of words Dialogix couldnt define and a little too much time, Marketingmag.com.au is able to bring you the official GenY LOLspeak A-Z Dictionary of the 65 Most Popular Young Persons Colloquialisms. Or, The Gen Y Translator for short. Rule 14a be damned.

Thanks to The LOLspeak Dictionary even the most moronic of marketing managers can now converse with the kewlest of lolcats. Fire up that Facebook chat window, update your MySpace pic and energise your emoticons, lets start totes talkin!

Oh, and if Ive left off any LOLisms you feel should be included in the next edition, feel free to add them in the comments below…

*As long as you dont count the Urban Dictionary as ever

The Gen Y Translator
Word Definition Example Usage
!!!!! Words cannot express how much I think this is totally amazing OMG!!!!!
@ At
*action* Right now I am doing whatever is between the asterisks This LOLspeak dictionary is going to be out of date before its published but thats kewl. *shrugs*
#fail That didnt go very well at all Did you hear she was trying to get around the world, only made it as far as North Straddie and got hit by a tanker! #sailingfail
aiight Alright A: Sorry I ran over your cat with my car.
B: Thats aiight, it was my sisters cat.
b4 Before
BF, B/F Boyfriend
BFF Best Friend(s) Forever
biatch My dear friend Sup biatch!
boi Boy
brb Be Right Back
BTW By The Way
burn To denigrate At least I wasnt vomiting in the garden! Burn!
CBA Stands for Cant Be Arsed, meaning I could not be bothered CBA going out tonight. Stayin at home watchin Idol.
C-Bomb The worst swear word you can possibly use I accidentally dropped the c-bomb in front of my Mum last night and got grounded for a week.
dats Thats
defs/defso Definitely Defs wanna hit the clubs tonight.
DM Direct Message/Direct Mail OMG the boss is coming, have to get off the phone, DM me!
DW Dont worry
everybunny Everybody
FML F— My Life Today,
my first girlfriend of over 3 years left me for another guy. She said
shes looking for someone who can financially provide for her in the
future. The dude owns a mobile phone kiosk. Im going to medical
school. FML
fo shiz For certain A: Wanna smoke some weed and listen to Snoop Dogg?
B: Fo shiz.
FPP Facebook Profile Picture

You look hot! You should defs make that your FPP!

G2G Got To Go
GF, G/F Girlfriend
Ghost Tweeter Someone
who writes or fine-tunes someone elses Twitter updates because the
person in question is too busy, dumb or unfunny to do it themselves
Thats not really Kyle Sandilands on Twitter. Its a ghost tweeter.
Hellz Yeah Yes, yes indeed And so the cop told me that my party was the most epic party theyd ever been called to… Hellz Yeah!
HTFU Harden the F— Up! A: Really tired hey, dont know if Im coming out tonight.
ish Sort of She was good-looking…ish.
kewl Cool
KK OK, OK A: Can I borrow your jeans tonight?
L8 Late
Laterz Later Bye, Yeah, no worries, laterz
LMAO Laughing My Arse Off
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LOLZ Thats so funny
LOLGASM The climax of a particularly effervescent LOL incident
LOLWAT Disbelief to the point of absurdity
Maggot Exceptionally drunk Going to Jakes house tonight. Going to get MAGGOT!
Mofo A term of endearment between mates. Short for motherf—er
n00b Someone who is new to something, usually in an internet forum
OMFG! Oh My F—ing God! A: She let me sleep with her!
OMG Oh My God!
Owned Defeated
Peeps People
PPL People
QFT Quoted For Truth You said that and we all heard it. QFT
Redic Ridiculous
Redonkulous That is seriously ridiculous
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLCOPTER Rolling On the Floor Laughing, spinning around like helicopter blades A: So I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross
the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.
Sick Really, really good
Siff As if, that couldnt possibly be true
STFU Shut The F— Up!
Sup Hello, how are you? Or, Whats wrong?
Tomoz Tomorrow A: So I think Im going to break up with her tomoz.
B: No way!
Totes Short for totally, as in, most definitely That comment was totes inapprop.
TTYL Talk To You Later
U You
V Very V.Good
Woot Gamer-talk for woo-hoo I got to the last level on Final Fantasy VII, Woot!
WTF What The F—? The doctor took one look and he was, like, WTF?
XXL Someone with a rotund figure
Yeeeewww/ Yeow/ Yiew An expression of great joy
ZOMG A more sarcastic expression than OMG

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