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Tooheys 5 Seeds takes flight via social media

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Tooheys 5 Seeds takes flight via social media


Lion Nathan unveiled its first campaign for new Tooheys Extra Dry cider product, 5 Seeds, entitled ‘Birds vs Humans’, investing heavily in a social media strategy aimed at attracting a sizable online audience.

The campaign, created by BMF, opens in a land where birds rule and humans forage in wastelands for scraps of a prized apple, ending by indicating that it’s lucky that humans got to apples first.

Holler Sydney developed the digital creative and strategy, which centres on Facebook, as well as online interactive film co-developed with BMF.

The Facebook page has a number of interactive activities, including a game called ‘Feed the Feral’, while the brand’s YouTube account offers series of TVCs that explain the story surrounding the struggle between man and bird.

“With Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds being a new brand, we wanted something that would make people pay attention. Being an apple cider opened up a great opportunity to explore a unique apple narrative. Having the credibility of TED behind it also meant that we needed a creative idea that genuinely interrupts the consumer,” explained Ben Slocombe, category director at Tooheys.

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