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Twitter gets a revamp

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Twitter gets a revamp


Twitter has announced a redesign of its website, to be rolled out across all Twitter accounts over the next few weeks.

The aim of the redesign is to simplify the Twitter experience for its users. This includes changes in four key areas:

  • Design: The website has a simpler timeline and two-pane layout. There is now infinite scroll, so users no longer have to click more to view additional Tweets.
  • Media: Photos and videos can be directly embedded on Twitter.
  • Related content: When a user clicks a tweet, the details pane will show additional information related to the author or subject. Depending on the tweets content, this could include replies, other Tweets or a map of where a geotagged tweet was sent from.
  • Mini profiles: When a username is clicked, a mini profile pops up which includes a bio and recent tweets.

There is also a push for Twitter to be viewed as more than just a tweeting service and as more of an information service. Twitter chief executive, Evan Williams stated at a recent press conference, “You dont need to tweet. Twitter can be great just as a way to get information.

Partnerships with companies such as DailyBooth, Etsy, Flickr and YouTube have streamlined some of the design changes.

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