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Twitter most successful on mobile

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Twitter most successful on mobile


An American study has found Twitter is the most accessed social media service on mobile devices.

Conducted by Crowd Science, the survey discovered 11% of Twitter users admit to accessing social media while driving, compared with just 5% of other mobile social media users. According to the survey, 27% of users tweet daily, 46% check their feed daily and 24% have never tweeted, or have ceased doing so.

The survey found 40% of Twitter users access the service on their mobile at least sometimes, juxtaposed with 32% for Facebook. Users accessing via mobile all the time reflect this disparity, with 8% for Twitter and 3% for Facebook.

Crowd Science also found that 17% of Twitter users had accessed social media from a restroom. 12% of non-Twitter social media users had done the same. Looking at motivation, the report found 17% of social media users do so because friends and contacts do, while 15% do so because stopping or reducing use would damage their social status.

Of Twitter users, 32% believe they spend too much time using social media, 22% have written things they later regretted and 16% say they often neglect important activities to spend time on social media. On the positive side, 25% of Twitter users say social media is their favourite leisure activity, compared with 14% of non-Twitter users.

The survey also found:

  • 41% of Twitter users prefer to contact friends via social media over telephone, compared with 25% of non-Twitter social media users
  • 11%, versus only 6% of those not using Twitter, actually prefer social media over face-to-face contacts
  • 14% of Twitter users said they have revealed things about themselves in social media that they wouldnt under any other circumstances, and
  • 8% admitted to frequently stretching the truth about themselves online

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