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Vicroads lambasted for ginga, emo TVCs

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Vicroads lambasted for ginga, emo TVCs


A new campaign aimed to discourage young drivers from using their mobile phone while driving has been panned by the Victorian public for being misguided and offensive.

Viewed across YouTube and other social media platforms, the TVCs warn young drivers ‘Don’t be a dickhead’, with one of the ads explaining that using a mobile while driving will cause an ‘emo’ to be born.

A second TVC says that every time they use mobile phones and drive, ‘gingers get fresh with other gingers’, while showing two people with red hair in bed. Both TVCs have had their comment sections disabled.

Both TVCs have been heavily criticised, with users blasting the attempt by the government to try and look ‘cool’, and for being divisive rather informative.

A Vicroads representative indicated that the campaign cost $100,000.

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