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Australia named the most active online retail market in the world

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Australia named the most active online retail market in the world


As of November 2021, Australians are now the world’s most active online shoppers. With over 48 percent of us spending more time online this year, where are the gaps when it comes to brands connecting with their audience?

Surveying over 9,300 respondents globally, the Publicis Sapient Digital Life Index 2021, revealed that 62 percent of Australians searched for new products or services online. This was the highest in the world, compared with the global average of 55 percent. 

Something to glean from the survey is that shoppers still prefer to use desktop. More than half of Australians preferred to shop online using the desktop over apps.

What does this mean for websites?

Australians are more likely to buy from a brand that offers an easy-to-navigate interface. Forty-six percent of Australians prioritise an easy way to manage any returns that they might have. 

The top frustration for online shoppers were noted to be: poor search functionality, slow loading times and unclear site navigation. For websites to be able to leverage customers, these are the primary things to address, and make sure the desktop experience is seamless.

Missing gap

There was one specific group of people that lacked satisfaction with online shopping. Thirty-four percent of Gen Z respondents said that they were dissatisfied with ecommerce. Sixty-six percent said that they want everything optimised and on mobile apps. Gen Z is the age group that does most of their shopping on smartphones.

Gen Z also reported that:

  • forty percent make purchases via social media, making them the most likely age group to purchase a product vial social media,
  • the most important factors when shopping online are fast shipping and easy to navigate websites/apps,
  • the most frustrating part of shopping online are slow loading times; poor search functions; unappealing visual appearances; not formatted for mobile devices,
  • they want to be provided with personalised offers based on spending and cash-back partnerships, and
  • they are looking for personalised content and advice when shopping.

Online shopping is continuing to grow, improve and satisfy consumers. Forty percent of Australians report online shopping at least once a month, and 35 percent saying they do weekly. It’s important that your website and functionality is able to spot the gaps and differences between generations and their behaviours. 

With Australia being the most popular market for e-retail, it’s imperative to listen to the consumers.

Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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