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Demand for digital marketing specialists to increase in 2015 – Hays

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Demand for digital marketing specialists to increase in 2015 – Hays


Demand for specialised skills in digital marketing will continue to increase in 2015 as more companies optimise their websites for mobile and IT and marketing departments work more closely together.


Recruitment company Hays has put together the below list of the top 10 talent trends for 2015.

As business confidence rises and more companies invest in full-time hires, technology will be a major area in demand.

Hays Australia and New Zealand managing director Nick Deligiannis says:

“Digital marketing will also be a big area of jobs growth. As the technology and marketing worlds integrate, mobile optimisation will continue to be a significant priority for businesses. Mobile strategies will move beyond simply having a responsive site or mobile app, and focus on mobile-optimised content and social media marketing as well, which will fuel jobs growth for suitably qualified and experienced candidates.”

Hays’ top 10 talent trends for 2015 are:  


1. Mobile optimisation

As more companies optimise their mobile websites, Hays predicts mobile developers with iOS and Android skills will be in hot demand. The significant increase in demand for digital marketing professionals will continue into 2015, particularly specialists in areas such as:

  • Content,
  • SEO/SEM,
  • analytics, and
  • social media.


2. Big data in the workplace

2015 will be the year in which the use of big data moves beyond customers and onto employees. Hays predicts HR experts will work with big data to make strategic talent acquisition decisions. Using data mining technology, they will discover insights and predictive patterns in order to optimise talent attraction, engagement, retention, performance and satisfaction.


3. A shortage of ‘super skills’

The types of skills experiencing shortages in 2015 will be far more focused, rather than broad, industry-wide shortages. Each industry and sector will have more difficulty finding talent with those specific niche skills that are already in short supply.


4. Understanding what drives positive gender diversity change

Some employers in 2015 will focus more on fair hiring processes and make efforts to tackle conscious or unconscious bias in hiring decisions. This will be in response to the issue being brought up in 2014; many businesses realised gender diversity targets were not being met due to failed strategies.


5. Convergence of IT and marketing

Hays predicts the gap between IT and marketing teams will narrow further in 2015. The growth of digital marketing will continue to transform organisational structures, and CMOs will be required to tackle the changes in dynamics associated with this.


6. Workforce restructuring

Outsourcing the recruitment process and taking on temporary staff will be trends of 2015, Hays predicts. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provision (MSP) will be used more and more by large and medium businesses for reasons including:

  • Building stronger talent pipelines,
  • reducing risks,
  • enhancing their value proposition to employees, and
  • saving costs.


7. Construction boom

Following on from 2014’s decade high in Australia for new apartment sales, a construction boom in medium and high-density housing projects will create jobs for tradespeople and engineers.


8. Doing more with less

As companies continue to feel the pressure to control costs, many will be required to come up with innovative talent acquisition strategies instead of being able to increase salaries in-line with demand.


9. Public sector flexing the workforce

The public sector will increase its hiring of temporary staff as the outlook for permanent positions remains uncertain.


10. Growth of mobile Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Mobile will be used more in 2015 by both job seekers and employers. A recent Hays poll found 73% of respondents do their job searching sometimes by mobile, and 25% search mainly by mobile. Hays predicts these numbers to increase, encouraging employers to invest in EVP, optimising their careers websites for mobile.


Michelle Herbison

Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.

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