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Discounts and freebies create the best CX: SAP Hybris survey

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Discounts and freebies create the best CX: SAP Hybris survey


Responsible use of data, efficient service and the occasional freebie are the best ways for brands to keep customers happy.

SAP Hybris’ ‘Consumer Insight’ survey results reveal 61% of respondents say surprise discounts and freebies create the best customer experience (CX).

Appropriate responses based on previous interactions (51%) and relevant value-added services, such as free workshops (47%) also rank highly.

Responsible use of data is key to consumer satisfaction and loyalty, with 78% of Australians saying they’d never use a brand again if it misused personal data, and 68% already go elsewhere if brands send unnecessary spam.

Too many direct marketing and sales calls, too many emails and publishing irrelevant content were the top three brand behaviours bothering consumers.

Customer expectations continue to rise, with almost half the respondents expecting a response to queries within three hours; 91% expect brands to respond within three hours, and 72% will go elsewhere when a brand is unresponsive.

“Complacency is the biggest threat to Australian brands,” says SAP Hybris ANZ head of business Stuart O’Neill.

“They must respond quickly when customers reach out to them, and do so in a consistent manner whether it’s in store, over the phone, online or via social media. A customer’s time is precious and our research shows they have a low tolerance for brands that waste it,” he says.

“This means all contact with a brand should be considered equal. Consumers see no distinction between their experiences in a dressing room, engaging with a chatbot or loading up an online cart. If any of these interactions provide a poor experience, they’ll seek a better one elsewhere.”

As for appropriate use of data, O’Neill says, “Beyond simply capturing it, brands need to analyse, contextualise and act on insights in real time if they’re to truly impress today’s consumers.”

The survey collates findings from a representative sample of 1000 Australian residents. It was conducted by YouGov on behalf of SAP Hybris as part of a global customer research study.

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