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Havas Media launches new ecommerce suite for marketers

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Havas Media launches new ecommerce suite for marketers


Advertising giant Havas Media has announced the launch of a new ecommerce offering tailored specifically for the Australian market: Havas Market

Havas Market’s goal is to assist marketers in creating simpler, more seamless experiences for consumers. Havas knows that a marketer’s expertise is not in UI or logistics. This offering will look to integrate these processes into a holistic ecommerce suite. 

The offering is a suite of tools designed to increase revenue for marketers. Havas Market aims to improve the efficiency of advertising spending by improving areas of the customer experience that inhibit purchases. The ecommerce suite will accomplish through multiple channels. For example, Havas Market Forecast can assess the revenue opportunity for client’s websites. This is a preliminary assessment that can help marketers see where poor user interfaces and other snags are preventing sales conversions. 

Post assessment, the suite also offers an “operational tech stack”. This will help marketers to act on the opportunities provided by the Forecast tool. This could be a program that helps develop an online store, social media content, and more. 

Havas Market will also provide clients with better, more specific analytics, such as how much stock of a product is still available. It has also designed a one-stop dashboard which allows users to see the relevant data in a clear, efficacious way. This will allow marketers to identify pain points along the whole sales process, from the initial advertisement to the moment a customer gets their delivery.

Adam Stewart, head of performance and ecommerce for Havas Market, says: “We are obsessed with delivering the best media experience. That now extends to shopping, which we believe should be more seamless for customers.

“The launch of Havas Market allows us to help brands navigate the challenges a post Covid world throws their way, as customers demand a more interconnected and personalised experience. Both online and in-store,” he continued. 

“We deliver this by being a trusted business partner, providing integrated solutions and proven business outcomes.”

With the new offering, Havas Market is set to become an essential tool for marketers in Australia. 

Collin Vogt

Collin Vogt was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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