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The Intelligence Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its April/May 2017 edition

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The Intelligence Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its April/May 2017 edition


Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of The Intelligence Issue, produced in collaboration with Rocket Fuel, our issue partner.

It will reach subscribers and shelves this week, and is available for purchase here »

Exploring intelligence in all its forms and varying definitions, we compare brands, platforms, marketing techniques and hear from our team of expert opinion columnists.

In The Intelligence Issue we:

MK0417 cover… Find out what artificial intelligence means for brands in our comprehensive AI feature.

… Ask our marketer brain trust panel “It’s 2027: how has AI changed how I work?”

… Find out how Cure Brain Cancer Foundation became the 25th most innovative organisation in Australia.

… Hear from students, graduates, educators, employers and recruitment specialists to build a detailed picture of the focuses of the marketing education sector and how it’s preparing the marketing guns of the future.

… Analyse the findings of the latest ‘B2B Marketing Outlook’ report.

… Discuss emotional intelligence with strategist, course developer and author Daniele Lima.

… Look at the global career of Cassandra Kelly in our marketer profile.

… Find out what the Law of Accelerated Returns means for marketers and society as a whole.

… Hear Mark Ritson’s six superior forms of intelligence that every good marketer needs to learn to love.


Marketing thanks issue partners Rocket Fuel, and content partners Marketo, SSI, UnLtd, Meltwater, Forrester for making The Intelligence Issue possible.


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Purchase a copy of The Intelligence Issue now via the Niche Media online shop »

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