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Brands hold customers responsible for CX, and that’s the problem

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Brands hold customers responsible for CX, and that’s the problem


In a new report, 40% of brands feel that customers should be held ‘very’ responsible for helping create better experiences for themselves.

InMoment’s 2019 ‘Customer Trends’ report reveals a number of disconnects between marketers and brands’ opinions about CX, and the actual customer expectation and satisfaction.

Alarmingly, when asked how much responsibility customers have in helping create better experiences, 40% of brands reported that customers are ‘very’ responsible and 11% said customers are ‘completely’ responsible.

Customers, on the other hand, see the responsibility as a shared endeavour.

Investing in people power is revealed as one important way to provide better CX. ‘Better service from staff’ (50%) was the most popular response when consumers were asked to name the most important thing brands can do to improve CX. In Australia, 35% of consumers are likely to prefer giving feedback to store or contact centre employees, much more likely than those in the US (13%) and UK (27%).

Other findings include:

  • 61% of brands think personalisation makes customers feel cared for, but only 35% of customers feel the same.
  • 36% of brands think CX is improving, but only 13% of customers agree.
  • 78% of customers say the best way brands can capture their sentiment and satisfaction with experiences is to ask them directly.
  • 81% of customers who leave a website or store without buying are there to browse, compare or research. Most brands aren’t even thinking about how to create experiences to engage them for the long term.
  • Customers say one of the most important ways they show loyalty is by providing both positive and negative feedback. Too many brands view constructive criticism as a scourge and not a gift.

“Brands have to harness technology to capture and understand the authentic voice of their customers,” says Claire Fastier, APAC VP at InMoment.

“By doing so, staff can adapt the way they interact with customers based on their wants and needs and deliver a much stronger CX as a result.”


Image credit mangostar © 123RF


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