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Lynx and Ikea the latest brands to court gamers with partnerships and products

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Lynx and Ikea the latest brands to court gamers with partnerships and products


Ikea is working on custom accessories for gamers and Lynx has developed a range of Xbox personal care products.

Microsoft has partnered with Lynx to launch Xbox branded body wash, shower gel and deodorant. The product line will be exclusive to Australia and New Zealand when it launches in July. The news comes just before next week’s E3, the annual game industry trade event in Los Angeles.

The official description in a statement describes Lynx Xbox as “a fresh scent of pulsing green citrus, featuring top notes of kaffir lime and winter lemon, aromatic herbal middle notes of mint and sage, and woody bottom notes of patchouli and clearwood. Containing a range of natural essential oils, the Xbox Lynx range comes with a sleek new look and features a body spray, deodorant, and shower gel.”

Xbox ANZ boss Tania Chee encourages gamers to “power up” before heading out the door in the morning with the new products.

Ikea, meanwhile, has partnered with prosthetics company Unyq and esports company Area Academy to create a line of accessories for gamers.

The ‘Uppkoppla’ (‘online’) range is a series of 3D-printed items to provide custom-made fits for gamers, including those with mobility issues. Products include a wrist brace, textured key caps for better grips and a mouse bungee which keeps cords out of the way while players play. Initial prototypes and an app to measure biometrics were revealed at Ikea’s annual Democratic Design Days product conference.

“Gamers spend a large portion of their time online, sitting for hours on end, which can lead to massive physical strain on the body,” Unyq explained in an Instagram post. The range will launch in 2020.

There are an estimated 2.2 billion gamers around the world playing for a total of 14 billion hours per week, says the Unyq post, so it’s no wonder brands are rushing to level up with partnerships.


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