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The ever-changing female mindset: A new way of marketing to women revealed

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The ever-changing female mindset: A new way of marketing to women revealed


A research study by NewsLifeMedia has described six key mindsets that Australian women use to filter information and make daily decisions.


The ‘Moving Mindsets’ 12-month study, in collaboration with research agencies All About Eve and Ruby Cha Cha, involved 10 extended focus groups and extensive online community interactions, as well as a quantitative survey.

The mindsets offer a situation-based segmentation approach rather than placing members of the population into particular finite categories – women switch between the mindsets depending on various factors.

NewsLifeMedia CEO Nicole Sheffield said the mindsets could inform brands on how to better interact with women.

“Women no longer have a clear path to purchase, just as they do not have a ‘one-size fits all’ way of operating, engaging or decision making.

“The female brain takes in two million pieces of information per second but can only process 134 bits in that second, so how do we get through? A changing mindset can be a huge challenge to marketers when attempting to connect effectively with an audience and drive their purchasing choices. This is especially the case for women, traditionally thought of as a challenging audience.”


The six mindsets are as follows:


1. Social identity: “Me, myself and I” – connecting with people who share the same interests

94% of women in this mindset enjoy sharing their knowledge with others, acting ‘as the expert’.

2. Intimacy: “No (wo)man is an island” – fostering deep relationships with inner circle

75% of women believe they can foster relationships by turning off technology.

3. Status: “Mirror, mirror on the wall” – seeking recognition and validation

54% of women agree that it’s important that people see them looking and feeling their best.

4. Creativity: “Express yourself” – expressing self through home, style and food

91% of women in this mindset seek experts’ knowledge and opinions.

5. Expansion: “Me 2.0” – trying new experiences and ways of thinking

85% of women enjoy learning and experiencing new things.

6. Challenge and achievement: “Ready, set… go me” – setting and achieving goals

77% of women feel fulfilled by challenging themselves with personal goals.


The survey focused on five key areas for NewsLifeMedia: style, food, health, home, parenting. It also found the following facts on internet use:

  • 63% of women are always online, or within close reach of the internet, and

  • 74% know the websites they like and go directly to them.



  • 33% of women care more about what other women think about how they dress than they care what their own partner thinks, and

  • 60% are happy to spend big on an investment piece such as shoes or a handbag then shop at regular retail stores for the rest of their clothes.



  • 39% of women try to visit nice restaurants regularly but secretly also love fast food, and

  • 68% make an effort to always cook from scratch but don’t mind a pre-prepared or frozen meal when its convenient.



  • 67% of women “wake up with healthy intentions” but sometimes fail to follow through, and

  • 40% are strict with themselves during the week but like to indulge on weekends.



  • 62% of women agree that “having a beautiful home is important” but sometimes it’s a mess they wouldn’t want anyone to see, and

  • 51% are proud of their homes but try to hide some parts from guests.



  • 95% of women agree it’s important for parents to set clear boundaries, and

  • 90% agree that kids need to be free and have adventures.


Michelle Herbison

Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.

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