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These are the top three barriers to exceptional CX – new report

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These are the top three barriers to exceptional CX – new report


A new report uncovers and explores how technology, loyalty and ‘shiny new thing syndrome’ are making and breaking CX for Australian marketers and consumers.

This article was sponsored by Acquia to let readers know about its Customer Experience Trends Report »

The phrase ‘customer experience’ (CX) has become increasingly popular over the last decade, encapsulating everything that contributes to the way in which customers interact, engage with and ultimately feel about your brand at every stage of their buying journey. It is now arguably the biggest priority for marketers and business decision-makers alike.

But what makes or breaks CX?

Acquia’s first ever Customer Experience Trends Report, conducted by leading market research provider, Regina Corso Consulting, surveyed more than 1000 consumers and 100 marketers across Australia and uncovered some interesting findings – such as what constitutes a ‘good’ experience and where marketers are struggling to connect the dots.

Among others, three key themes emerged: technology, customer loyalty and ‘shiny new thing’ syndrome.



The Australian findings revealed that almost two thirds of marketers are dealing with technology that is just too complex to create good CX. Their main criticism is a struggle between marketing and IT to bring new experiences to life (63%), while three in five are concerned with the speed at which they can bring new experiences to market.


Customer loyalty

More than half (54%) of Australian consumers said that once they become loyal to a brand, they’re loyal for life.

This certainly aligns with theories such as the ‘status quo bias’, a term used by behavioural economists to explain our inclination to avoid taking action unless pushed to do so. However, there is a very definite limit to what consumers will put up with nowadays, as four in five said they would only be loyal to a brand until they had encountered a ‘bad experience’ and would then move to another brand.


Shiny new thing syndrome

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), there’s often a pressure for marketers to prove they’re at the top of their game by not only being aware of these technologies but actively including them in their strategies. The temptation to become technology-led – and not customer-led – often results in an experience that’s overly complicated and difficult to manage. In Australia, 37% of marketers are working with between four and six different vendors, and 18% are working with as many as seven to ten!


The report uncovered many more findings around these themes, as well as consumer attitudes around what is and isn’t acceptable when handling personal data – particularly pertinent in light of recent public scandals – as well as specific detail around what consumers consider to be hallmarks of a good or bad experience.

To read the full report, download the Customer Experience Trends Report 2019 – Australian Edition »





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