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YouTube aims to make VR production easier with VR180

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YouTube aims to make VR production easier with VR180


YouTube has sliced 360 Video in half and released the VR180 filming format.

The new technology aims to make VR production easier by removing the sophisticated hardware and production issues inherent with 360-degree filming.


In a blog post, Google also mentioned that about 75% of 360 users only look at the quadrant in front of them – in part due to the fact that they are neither sitting in a swivel chair nor standing when viewing.

Creators will have more freedom to share videos that cater to users with mobile headsets like Google Cardboard.

Daydream is partnering with Lenovo and YI technology on VR180 cameras to enable users to shoot content. Google expects to release the cameras later this year and has included this picture on a web page.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 9.58.34 AM


“We want to make cameras that are easy to work with,” says Frank Rodriguez, Google product manager, VR. “These cameras are not only great for creators looking to easily make VR content, but also anyone who wants to capture life’s highlights in VR. They will be as easy to use as point-and-shoot cameras, for around the same price,” he says.

The cameras and format will enable live streaming.

Google will continue its commitment to 360 Video as well, which it has invested in heavily for over two years. Part of the decision for the new 180 developments was due to hearing from “creators and viewers who want to make and see even more immersive videos on YouTube.”

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