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Minimise risk: the importance of dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s

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Minimise risk: the importance of dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s


The meteoric rise of new social media platforms has opened the door to marketers across the globe seeking innovative ways to connect with the target audiences. Internal and external departments are moving quickly to meet the needs of consumers constantly on the hunt for new content. But with a whole new array of marketing platforms and targeting tools comes a whole new set of checklists and approvals, with the volume of content for internal review and approval exploding in line with channel availability. Gavin Watson of monday.com explores.

Working towards quick deadlines can sometimes result in typical checks and balances being missed or slipping through the cracks. Marketers work incredibly hard to bring creative ideas to the table, and the time-consuming nature of risk and compliance approvals can be pushed to the wayside or left with other departments for sign-off. The last thing any marketing department or creative director wants is to deliver a campaign that may be misinterpreted or misconstrued by consumers. Something as simple as a misplaced or misdirected terms and condition note can harm a brand’s reputation and erode customer support. To alleviate this situation, tools that share information instantaneously and keep all parties aligned and accountable can be deployed, significantly reducing risk in marketing compliance and across the broader organisation. 

Minimise risk 

In today’s working environment, collaboration is king. This is the force behind iconic fashion, music, brand and pop culture moments from the last few decades. But with the introduction of external parties comes risk. Any work created by agencies and sub-contractors for a brand directly represents that brand’s values and mission. At the end of the day, in-house teams and agencies must stand behind any collaboration campaign once it’s out in the ether, so must ensure the collaborative process is strong and backed by approval processes and documentation. 

In these circumstances, the importance of marketing approvals, risk evaluation, compliance, and an aligned way of working is higher than ever before. As digital and social marketing channels multiply, TikTok, Twitch, BeReal to name a few, marketers must move quickly between channels to remain relevant with the right target audiences. The opportunities presented by these new channels are immense, but it’s important to ensure compliance is still prioritised. We know that consumers engage intensely with brand content, devouring campaigns, advertisements and videos looking for potential easter eggs or creative subtext. As marketers, we must ensure our messaging resonates while avoiding any approval missteps before content lands on TikTok feed or Instagram algorithm.  

Create systems that empower collaboration and seamless processes 

Many companies are looking to get on the front foot with different solutions that allow various internal and external teams to thrive as a collective without the pressure of a marketing mistake. New approaches to risk, compliance and approval operations rose massively in 2022 as the repercussions of a potential breach set in. This year, we’re likely to see companies across the globe clamouring to ensure the right mechanisms are in place to avoid a costly mistake. Installing the right mechanisms to avoid mistakes in branding and deploying solutions give teams autonomy and removes the weight of a potential compliance breach hanging over their head. 

Tick your compliance checkbox before distribution 

The one-size fits all approach to compliance simply isn’t feasible in today’s environment where consumers are overly stimulated by an array of digital channels and brands vying for attention. A traditionally time-consuming process, risk and compliance reviews and approvals should be shared by the entire team, with each department or collaborator taking accountability for their work.

Technology platforms can now create custom workflows and approval systems involving each member of a campaign, from external creative agencies to investor relations and legal. While technology was once viewed with the lens of hampering the creative process, systems being implemented by some of Australia’s brands are integral to alleviating compliance missteps by streamlining processes and ensuring transparency across the board. These automated checks and balances create a system of ownership and accountability, which can go extremely far when protecting a brand that has taken years, if not decades, to create.


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