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Simone Biles begins her newest adventure on Snapchat

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Simone Biles begins her newest adventure on Snapchat


While her career in gymnastics remains up in the air, Simone Biles definitely isn’t slowing down her life anytime soon. The 24-year old gymnast is one of the most decorated US athletes, and is widely recognised as one of the greatest women’s gymnasts of all time, which is incredible given she still hasn’t ruled out the possibility of competing!

Gymnasts often retire young, much younger than you would think, but given her relationship with the media, there was always the possibility she would continue to be a part of the global community in some capacity. Biles seems indecisive about her athletic future, especially with her struggles competing with a case of the twisties in the Tokyo Olympics.

Biles is partnering with Snapchat to create her own series called “Daring Simone Biles” a 10 episode series, where she is faced with a variety of confronting challenges, and just learning new skills! The show should provide more insight on who Biles is as a person rather than just the athlete. Getting to know her family, friends and husband, should be a fun way for her to develop a connection, and grow her fan-base.

The Snapchat Show will launch on August 20, 2022, and will air spasmodically through to September 7. Simone clearly feels she has more to give, or show the world. Perhaps this show is the first in a line of Kardashian style, Simone Biles shows?


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Aidan Vaughan

Aidan Vaughan is a writer for Marketing Magazine.

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