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Victoria Bitter launches skincare for men

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Victoria Bitter launches skincare for men


It might be synonymous with the manliest of men, but Victoria Bitter (VB) is going into self-care. The burly beer brand is launching a skincare line, specifically for the bloke in your life.

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) with VB and TLA have devised a new way to target its audience. From ideation, product development, content and using notable ambassador Beau Ryan, the beer skincare range was created. 

Victoria Bitter and its history

Historically, VB was marketed as a “knock-off” beverage after a long day on the tools. Heavily targeted to tradesman, it has taken a different turn recently.

For those still wanting to “knock-off” in style but without the beer, VB brewed something different. Looking to relax, refresh and restore this time, Australians can reward more than their thirst.

Victoria Bitter’s marketing manager, Marc Lord, spoke of the new product. “We’re pleased to be able to find a creative way to offer hard-working men products to make grooming simple and accessible. For men new to the category who are learning their scrubs from their serums.” 

It might seem like a strange product to be released by the brand, but self-care stats are on the rise. More men than ever are practising self-care. 

TLA creative director, Tom Meredith, is excited for the new products to hit Chemist Warehouse shelves. “We’re really proud of VB for Men. We can’t wait for hard working blokes all over the country to experience a new reward. They’ve earned it!”

“VB look to us for ideas that are unexpected and challenge convention in ways that capture people’s imagination. This idea does just that, whilst strategically staying true to the core belief of the brand, reward for hard work.

The VB for Men grooming kit is available in a limited quantity on Victoria Bitter’s merchandise store as well as the extended range found nation-wide at Chemist Warehouse outlets and the online store.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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