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Sphere has eye-watering advertising rates for the world’s largest screen

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Sphere has eye-watering advertising rates for the world’s largest screen


The MSG Sphere at The Venetian has sported a number of striking looks since its recent opening, with giant spherical items from basketballs to eyeballs dominating the Las Vegas skyline.

Viral social media interest in the building makes it appear a bit like a stunt, but the wonder is actually a futuristic arena with fundamental advertising integration. And for those wondering about how much brands are paying to get messaging blasted from the 112m display, the cost has been revealed to the public.

The largest screen ever 

Brands must pay a premium for the 16,000 connected LED screens involved, together forming what is reportedly the largest display ever built.

According to X user PitchDeckGuy, single day advertising costs over US$450,000 for the Sphere, and US$650,000 for the entire week. Its massive presence in Vegas and online allows for dazzling daily impression figures, with 300,000 in person and 4.4 million across all social platforms.

Construction of the 18,000-seater began prior to the pandemic, and costs ballooned to a total of US$2.3 billion, but owner James Dolan should now start seeing a return on his investment with these high prices.

Sphere: rolling out across the world

A near-identical building is on track to be constructed in London’s Stratford, as the technology looks set for global expansion with even more potentially set to follow.

But the London development is facing resistance from locals.

The Stop MSG Sphere London campaign is, rather obviously, seeking to prevent the construction. Spokesperson Lindesay Mace told the Telegraph, “The fact that where we are now, on the permission being granted, is a travesty of justice.”

Read about new digital out of home locations in Australia by checking out oOh!media’s expansion across the east coast here.

Cover image attribution: Sphere Entertainment Co.


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Ned Lupson is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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