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The most impactful ads – through science

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The most impactful ads – through science


Neuro-Insight has announced the top 10 most effective creative ads in 2022 ranked by neuroscience. 

To provide the market an unbiased lens of the most impactful campaigns of the year, the neuroanalytics team of analysts were able to evaluate and rank all of the ads through a patented technology. 

How does science determine the best ads?

To identify the most effective ads, the company tracked second-by-second changes across multiple areas of the brain. This included memorability, brand impact, likability, emotionality and attention to provide a Neuro Impact Factor™ (NIF). It also recorded a percentile ranking of creative impact against a database of 5000 ads developed over 15 years of research.

Brain activity was monitored and captured through a comprehensive volume of categories, brands, and ad length across the free-to-air broadcast structure which included watching a full program with the ad breaks. 

Neuro-Insight has outlined that the greatest neuro-impact and strongest chance of guiding future behaviour was carefully observed with its content, context and delivery working in unison. It revealed that every advertiser embedded a developed brand personality and distinctive brand assets within a context-driven narrative to promote a product, service or feature. 

Neuro-Insight APAC’s director of client solutions, Casey Kudrenko explains the importance of understanding neuroscience solutions in advertising. 

“We are often asked ‘What are the best ads on air at the moment?’ and whether these are 15 or 30 seconds, product or brand and which categories reign supreme. So it’s great for the neuro to objectify that it can be all of the above! We witness campaigns that have greater neuro-impact and greater in-market ROI trigger emotion, yes; however we also see the tactile ads that leverage their existing assets to trigger rational price points and promos.”

Which ads were the most impactful?

Coming in at first, was the Harvey Norman’s Surface Pro 8 advertisement, which injected branding bookends, banners, product demonstrations, and stylish messaging into the narrative of an ambitious entrepreneurial artist to fuel long-term memory encoding. The results from Neuro-Insight showcased that the segment triggered the highest neuro-peak features of a skiing athlete with the text, ‘Experience the Best’, as the company signifies it was strategically positioned prior to the critical mater branding frame. Neuro-Insight explains, Harvey Norman’s smart use of priming within the Olympic program’s context fuelled memory encoding at key branding moments, which made the campaign a clear winner. 

At second, Cheer’s Bring a Little, triggered emotional processing and tugging at the core of grocery buyers. 

Creative meshed with science

Neuro-Insight APAC’s general manager, Brian Hill explained, “Creative excellence and effectiveness of the industry’s output should be celebrated. Interestingly, the top ads have nothing in common! They’re 30’s, 15’s, TV promos, product and brand. But what the ads do have in common is that they achieved high levels of long-term memory encoding and what we’ve seen proven time and again in our work with clients is the direct correlation between long-term memory encoding and real-world sales. Neuro-Insight will continue to publish its industry benchmark every quarter so that more advertisers can get closer to the powerful intersection between science, marketing, and creativity.”


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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