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Yahoo’s market-first partnership with Amplified Intelligence brings attention measurement to programmatic buying

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Yahoo’s market-first partnership with Amplified Intelligence brings attention measurement to programmatic buying


With programmatic ad buying set to be worth US$725 billion worldwide by 2026, it makes sense for advertisers to be able to measure the effectiveness of attention planning within this space.

That’s why Yahoo’s new partnership with Amplified Intelligence, which will allow advertisers to measure attention across a programmatic advertising buy, is drawing interest. A market-first partnership, advertisers using Yahoo’s demand-side platforms (DSP) in Australia will now have access to Amplified Intelligence’s attentionPROVE measurement solution.

“All of the major holding groups in Australia use Amplified Intelligence’s data as part of their planning process,” says Andrew Gilbert, director of platforms AUSEA at Yahoo.

“Adding programmatic measurement creates a significant opportunity for them to move past just high level planning and get deeper insights into their programmatic investment across desktop, mobile, tablet, and Connected TV.”

Why Amplified Intelligence caught Yahoo’s attention

Keep an eye on Amplified Intelligence! An Australian owned and operated company, it is a global pioneer in attention measurement. Now, it is Yahoo’s answer to bringing measurement to programmatic advertising buying.

This is thanks to Amplified Intelligence’s attentionPROVE solution, which enables agencies and brands to leverage active and passive human attention seconds to optimise impact, performance and cost effectiveness in real-time.

The attentionPROVE solution is the largest real-human dataset globally. It is built from the collected attention data of 110,000 people from fourteen countries, capturing more than 454 million data points.

The new partnership is predicted to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of planning for advertisers using Yahoo’s DSP in Australia. The new capability is being rolled out now across the Yahoo DSP.

“Attention is now widely accepted as a crucial part of any media buy and this integration is going to be a huge boost for our partners,” says Dr Karen Nelson-Field, founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.

“Now brands can get real-time human attention insights from their campaigns which in turn will help them optimise for better outcomes. Yahoo’s expertise in programmatic will help Amplified Intelligence’s partners to track attention effectively, which is very exciting for us.”


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Sam McLeod

Sam McLeod is a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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