Mobile phones increasingly personal for Australian businesspeople

Businesspeople who mostly use their mobile phones for business rather than personal use are a dying breed in Australia, data from Roy Morgan Research shows.


The proportion of Australians who use their mobile phones ‘mainly for business’ has declined over the last five years, while those who use it ‘about equally’ for business and personal use has remained steady.

This suggests an increase in personal use by those who were initially reluctant.

A Roy Morgan Research survey of more than 14,000 Australian mobile phone owners aged 14 and older found that in the year to September 2014, ‘mainly business’ mobile phone users hit a low at 7.4%. Between 2010 and 2011, about one in 10 mobile phone owners fitted this category.

Meanwhile, mobile phone owners who used them ‘about equally’ for business and personal has remained steady until a slight increase last year to 13.3%. Between 2010 and 2011 this figure was at one in eight.

Roy Morgan Research general manager – media, Tim Martin, said:

“The decline in the proportion of users who say their phone is used mainly for business suggests that people who once only needed it for work are now integrating it into their personal lives.”




Differences in usage habits

Mostly business users

  • 58 calls per week,
  • 36 SMS texts per week, on average, and
  • most likely to be Telstra customers.


Mostly personal users

  • 21 calls per week,
  • 43 SMS texts per week, on average, and
  • most likely to be Virgin or Vodafone customers.


Equal business and personal users

  • 37 calls per week,
  • 47 texts per week, on average,
  • most likely to be Optus customers,
  • one in four have their employer pay their bills, and
  • more likely than ‘mainly personal’ users to play music or videos, listen to radio, enter competitions or vote using SMS.


Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 21 January 2015
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.