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40% of Middle East and North Africa users spread online feedback


40% of Middle East and North Africa users spread online feedback


Word of mouth can be a brand’s best friend, but also its worst enemy. With the ease of spreading recommendations or negative feedback online, brands are certainly at the mercy of consumers’ experience reports. In fact, in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), research shows that 40% of internet users would spread the word when they are pleased or upset with a company to as many people as possible.

The study, conducted by digital media solutions company Effective Measure, also found that 68% of MENA internet users enjoy persuading others, while 65% like to take time out to explain things to other users.

Dinesh Arasaratnam, regional director of Effective Measure in MENA says, “With the internet serving as the world’s largest marketplace, positive word of mouth from consumers can add value and credibility to an emerging digital economy”.

With 80% of MENA internet users indicating that they browse the internet daily, and 62% of them enjoying finding good bargains online, Arasaratnam believes that “digital word of mouth can effectively generate more sales than traditional advertising” and has strong potential in driving e-commerce growth in the region.


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