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A new sense for Cold Power


A new sense for Cold Power


A new in-store execution will tempt consumers to ‘smell-test’ a new washing detergent.

The new creative ‘squeeze and sniff’ execution by TorchMedia and Colgate allows consumers to sample the smell of the detergent by squeezing the shelf advertisement’s fragrance dispenser. Developed for a new range of Cold Power fragranced washing detergents, the execution has been rolled out across 400 Woolworths stores nationwide.

unit contains a squeezable fragrance dispenser, engaging shoppers when
they are making their purchase decision and encouraging trial of the
new Pure Essentials product.

This kind of innovation enables brands such as Cold Power to connect with shoppers right in front of the product and show off the brand’s unique point of difference. TorchMedia is always looking for new ways to help advertisers stand out from the crowd, in the aisle and in the greater retail environment, said Cameron Baxter, TorchMedia group sales director.

TorchMedia and Colgate believe the innovative execution will encourage consumers to trial the new product.

The campaign runs in tandem with a standard shelf execution.

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