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Aussies brighten up Google


Aussies brighten up Google


Australian icons, including designer Akira Isogawa, artist Rolf Harris, singer/songwriter Missy Higgins, photographer Anne Geddes, artist Ken Done, Mambo artist and musician Reg Mombassa, singer John Butler and musical sensation The Wiggles are among figures from around the globe who have created their own dynamic iGoogle themes that users can use to decorate and personalise their homepages. Heres what Julian Sonego, consumer marketing manager for GoogleAustralia, had to say:

This is a way to give iGoogle users more fun options to personalise their Google experience. By teaming up with great Australian artists and celebrities, were providing users with some great new homepage designs, and introducing the artists to a new format to display their art and express themselves. It’s like an online art gallery with millions of daily visitors.

Heres what the Aussie artists involved have to say about their involvement in the project:

John Butler
“The term Google has become part of the English vernacular as a way to say go find out yourself…get informed. As someone who is part of a progressive generation who sees this small world as one interconnected community, Im proud to represent the Australian arts scene on a global level.”

Anne Geddes
It was lovely of Google to invite me to participate as one of the international artists in the iGoogle skins launch. Im pleased to share my images with a variety of new audiences through the digital medium. I hope Google users will enjoy them, as they help convey my core values to protect, nurture and love all children.

Rolf Harris
“Most of us use the internet daily and to have painted a theme which anyone, on the internet anywhere in the world, can access is an amazing thought. My iGoogletheme evolves according to the time of day and the painting takes on different colours and tones so that the screen reflects the time whether you are in Brighton orBangalore.”

Reg Mombassa
“I’m a committed Luddite and would not know how to turn a computer on, but I am told that many people like to use them. I like people to look at my pictures and it is good to take them off the gallery walls and put them onto other things. So the opportunity to have some of them featured on computer screens is much appreciated. Thank you Mr. Google.”

What does the Newshound think? Another great marketing move by Google, who really know how to make their profit-mongering global megacorporation seem like a friendly personalised brand. A good example of think global, act local. Another great example of Googles legendary Do No Evil mantra. But what do you think?

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