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Blogs for Breakfast


This morning’s bowl of blogging goodness for your delectation:

Brand gravity: the pull of Marketing

John Moore was his usual generous self the other morning and pointed me in the direction of this thoughtful post by David E. Bowman.

“Marketing in my mind is all about the customer. You can have gravity through mass or proximity. You might be able to get both, but often you have to choose.”

If you’re thinking about why your brand is struggling to gain the foothold it deserves in the market, perhaps the answer lies in physics? What do you think? Do brands have a gravity all of their own, and if so, how can marketers make the most of it?

Read the post The Physics of Marketing: Newton’s Laws of Gravitation now.

Is the web too noisy?

Seth Godin waxes about what he sees as an increase in the amount of ‘noise’ online.

“In radio operator lingo, you look for a strong signal to noise ratio. That’s the amount of good stuff (the message) that comes through the static (the noise.)

What do you think? How can marketers make sure they cut through the increasingly noisy web?

Read the post Signal to Noise now.

Innocent love their customers

For marketers out there looking to engage meaningfully with their customers, the good news is that you don’t have to put all your eggs in the Web 2.0 basket. UK drinks company Innocent invited drinkers along to pay a visit to Fruit Towers. How many companies out there really can reach out to their customers and let them in like that?

Read Another Reason to Love Innocent now.

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