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Backlash over cringe-worthy Coles ad gets nasty


Backlash over cringe-worthy Coles ad gets nasty


If you’ve seen Coles’ latest TVC featuring Normie Rowe and Curtis Stone butchering the rocker’s classic Shaking All Over, chances are you’re one of the thousands who’ve taken to social media to express your opinion.

The ad promoting Coles’ hormone free beef features Rowe and Stone replacing the line “shaking all over” with “no added hormones” as they sing arm in arm at a family barbecue.

One may almost be forgiven for thinking the pair are an item, with Rowe leaning his head on Stone’s shoulder throughout and the two hanging off each other as they sing:

“When you light up your Coles Summer barbecue,
The thought of Aussie beef takes over you.
How about a rump steak?
A special snag or burger?
Sends shivers down your taste bones,
No added hormones.”

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The ad has been hit hard on social media sites with many labelling it as annoying, ear splitting and cringe worthy, and calling for it to be pulled off TV screens.

On Sunday, the hashtag #fuckcoles was trending on Twitter as many used the campaign as a cue to discuss their dissatisfaction with the supermarket, with some even calling for a boycott of Coles in response.

At time of publishing, the advertisement had racked up 13,595 views on Coles’ Youtube channel, but not many had shown their approval for the ad with only 25 likes against 513 dislikes.

Managing director of Brand Intellect, Simon Rowell, said the song-and-dance style Coles has adopted in its commercials was getting old.

“They’ve gone down a direction with the advertising style and it is really running out of legs. It looks desperate,” Rowell told the Herald Sun.

“The no-added hormone message is getting lost in Normie’s terrible singing. You’re so distracted by the execution of the ad, you miss the main point.”

The Sun quoted a Coles spokesperson as saying that they’d “heard a wide range of opinions about our latest commercial”.


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