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Banned SodaStream ad to hit Aussie screens


Banned SodaStream ad to hit Aussie screens


The SodaStream ad that was banned from being played at the Super Bowl in the US is set to hit Australian television screens.

The ad was supposed to run on US network CBS during the coveted advertising break of the Super Bowl earlier this year, but was pulled as it was seen to make fun of soft drink giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi – which happened to be major sponsors of the game.

The commercial, directed by Alex Bogusky, sees two soft-drink delivery drivers from the rival companies pushing carts of their soft drink before the bottles all begin to explode. A voiceover then explains how many plastic bottles could have been saved during the superbowl alone if the crowd ditched their softdrink bottles for the economically friendly soda stream.

The ad has since become an internet hit receiving well over four million views YouTube.

SodaStream will revamp the commercial for Australian audiences with an Aussie voiceover and will air during AFL and NRL games on Sundays, during footy commentary and during pre-game analysis on Fox Sports wrap ups.



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