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Changes to Australian TV ratings


Changes to Australian TV ratings


Think TV has announced adjustments to the TV ratings system to include homes with Personal Video Recorders (PVRs).

In addition to live viewing, any viewing of programs done at normal speed within seven days of the original broadcast (called ‘Playback’) will now be measured and reported by OzTAM and RegionalTAM.

According to a release from ThinkTV, as before December 2009 TV viewing in PVR homes wasn’t measured, it was necessary to upgrade the service to include PVR homes in its measurement.

The preliminary live and Playback viewing figures are aggregated to provide a consolidated rating.

“These changes mark a new era in Australian TV ratings providing advertisers with a level of transparency and accuracy thats second-to-none,” explained a statement on the site.

“As the penetration of digital recording devices continues to grow, ‘Live only’ measurement will become increasingly less relevant. The media landscape is changing, and the move to consolidated ratings simply reflects the way people are now consuming and engaging with their favourite TV programming.”

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