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Commercial Radio Australia responds to ACMA inquiry


Commercial Radio Australia responds to ACMA inquiry


The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced an inquiry into Commercial Radio Australia.

Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, said the industry would make a submission to the inquiry but was disappointed the ACMA felt an inquiry into all 261 radio stations was necessary given the complaints came from a single station in a single market.

“We are also disappointed that ACMA has chosen not to wait for the codes complaints and investigative processes into this particular incident to be completed before launching this broader enquiry, said Warner. “ACMA’s own attitudinal research shows that only one in five radio listeners have heard something of concern in the last 12 months and the majority of these were concerned about news stories.”

The inquiry follows a segment on Kyle and Jackie O’s show during which a 14-year-old was hooked to a lie-detector and questioned about her sexual experiences by her mother and the show hosts. The segment received 137 complaints.

The ACMA said the stunt highlighted broader issues about treatment of subjects involved in prank calls, competitions and challenges on commercial radio.

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