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Copy Corner: Writing an ad


Copy Corner: Writing an ad


When you are writing an advertisement, the first impression – the first thing the reader sees or reads – can mean the difference between success and failure. If the first impression is boring or irrelevant, the ad will not attract your prospect. If it offers news or helpful information, or promises a reward for reading the ad, the first impression will win the reader’s attention.

In terms of first impressions, the importance of the headline cannot be over estimated. Probably we all know that. But when we are writing we need to be clear that the headline can perform four different tasks:

  • Get attention
  • Select the audience
  • Deliver a complete message
  • Draw the reader into the body copy

Free money grabs attention.

For quality conscious engineers like you can select the audience.

How to win friends and influence people delivers a complete message.

The American Express card is not for everyone draws the reader into the body copy.

Now there is just the simple matter of putting it all together.


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