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Your best and worst of Aussie advertising 08


Your best and worst of Aussie advertising 08


Its that time of the year when a (not so) young mans thoughts turn to the things that really teed him off in the year just-a-passin.

UK broadsheet The Guardian just formalised its review list of the years worst TV ads here. (Gillette takes bottom prize) – prompting me to wonder about the smells and swells of Aussie advertising in 2008.

A straw poll of a few of my agency mates saw Make Some Noise CD, Darren Fishman loathing the Spring Valley Save your Sensible ads. Shite, I think Daz commented.

Brand Clarity strategy director, John JD Douglas initially got hot in the duds for the CommBanks Determined to be different debut, thinking it was to be a striking strategic diversion from old associations with Which bank. Clearly still in some pain, JD says, They promised so much, yet delivered so beige.

Over at fast-growing independent thinkers, Fenton Stephens, agency principal Alex Fenton agrees with JD that CommBank was the years standout stinker. Despite quietly wishing the work would turn out brilliantly, Fenton found the campaign to be ad industry insular and, in effect, a somewhat thin parody of TV show, The Office.

The Population blogster Julian Cole found that Fantastic Noodles Pimp My Kettle – a poorly executed copycat concept, he says – really stuck in his craw.

Me? Baz Luhrmanns indulgent ad for his flopbuster movie was a schmaltzy target misser, but a PR masterstroke for Bazza in getting the Aussie public (via Tourism Oz) to fund his global PR profile.

So, what Aussie ads did you hate – or love – during 2008?


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