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Crack a beer to unlock free movies with Grolsch’s new Bluetooth coupon codes


Crack a beer to unlock free movies with Grolsch’s new Bluetooth coupon codes


Dutch brewer Grolsch is taking coupon codes to the next level in Russia with the use of Bluetooth technology to provide a beer and movies experience through customers’ smartphones and tablets.


St Petersberg app developers Heads and Hands have created ‘Movie Unlocker,’ which utilises the latest Bluetooth beacon technology to allow users to unlock movies online with the swipe of a bottle.

Heads and Hands chief executive officer Aleksandr Semenov says: “We were aware of a current campaign being carried out in Russia by Grolsch, that allows consumers to enter promotional codes found on its bottles in to its partners’ websites. This enables people to access a movie for free.

“We liked this idea, but thought we could make the process a whole lot easier. So, we developed this new ‘one-touch’ technology for the bottles in order to facilitate the transaction in a single step.”

The beer bottle and a customer’s smartphone or tablet are able to identify each other via radio signals when brought into close proximity with each other.

The beer bottle transmits a signal from the beacon located under the bottle top, which unlocks when the bottle is capped. In order to prevent a premature activation when the bottle is capped, a special sticker blocks the radio frequency from being identified by the device.

When the bottle is opened, the beacon is activated and sends a signal to a server with a previously registered serial number. If there is a match between this and a number in the database, the server confirms a successful connection. This verification process then allows a user to unlock their chosen movie.

The Heads and Hands product will be compatible with any device equipped with next-generation Bluetooth beacon connectivity.

Semenov says:  “You will never need a credit card to pay for a movie again.  It’s so amazingly simple, I still can’t believe I’ve done it.  Who knows, maybe we’ll target the pizza market next with this technology!”

Michelle Herbison

Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.

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